Lunar Hemispheric Phase Explorers - 1500×1500-pixel HD Edition

Current Lunar Phases as Viewed From Above the Four Hemispheres
Near Side, Far Side, Western and Eastern Hemispheres

Program and Graphics by Jay Tanner - 2023

              Current Geocentric Lunar Coordinates, Distance and Phase  
                      Based on the NASA/JPL DE405 Ephemeris Model

                        Working Date UD    =  2023 Mar 28 - Tue
                        Working Time UT    =  00:15:00
                        Astronomical JD TT =  2460031.51126629

                  Right Ascension = 5.6147217 hr = 05h 36m 52.998s
                  Declination     = +27.375440 deg = +27° 22' 31.58"
                  Distance        = 397511.525 km = 247002.210 mi
                  Phase Angle     = 77.795 deg

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Current Near Side View
Standard Geocentric Earth View
Sans Librations
Geocentric Phase: 78°


Current Far Side View
Behind the Moon Looking Back
Earth is Directly Behind Moon
Relative Phase: 258°


Current West (Left) Side View
Centered Over Western Hemisphere
Earth is Directly to the Right
Relative Phase: 348°


Current East (Right) Side View
Centered Over Eastern Hemisphere
Earth is Directly to the Left
Relative Phase: 168°

Program and Graphics by Jay Tanner          Revised: Thursday, January 01, 1970 at 12:00:00 AM UTC
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